The cast has come off! Now it's physical therapy twice a week. Because of the injury, I don't have full range of motion in my wrist. That is not necessarily a bad thing. While I had my cast on, I discovered that full range of motion is not completely necessary for painting. In fact, the less motion I had, the more interesting my paintings became. I did this quick two hour study of some pomegranates while in the cast. It's not the best and yet I like the spontaneous feel of the brushstrokes.

Although I did several quick paintings both with my cast and with my left hand, the majority of my free time was spent planning out my studio, which is in need of a major overhaul. Hopefully by the end of this year the overhaul will be complete so I can start 2007 with a fresh space that functions in the way that I need it to. I can't wait!

I finished a new painting sans-cast this week. I will post it soon, probably this week - IF work allows...

Thanks for all the nice comments from friends and family about my mishap!