A few years ago, the ad agency that handles the Lucky Charms campaign wanted to revamp the look of the character's world. The directive they gave artists was 'Harry Potter-ish, magical and mysterious'. Calabash, the animation studio that produces the commercials, asked me to come up with some concepts, which are the two paintings below.

Also, my ex husband, Mike Midlock, drew the Lucky and Crow concept and I painted it for him:

I also painted this house, which was based on a quick sketch by the senior animator/director at Calabash, Wayne Brejcha. In the end, the agency decided that this look was faaaaaarrrrrr tooooooo dark for a cereal commercial, so I was asked to lighten up the color of the house, making it day time instead of night and make the colors more cheerful.

I still think it would have been neat to see a creepy Lucky Charms, but then again we don't want to scare the children!