So, the Lucky Charms redesign ended up being a success with the ad agency that handles the General Mills commercials. Calabash then went into the story board phase with the new look in mind. Since this was such a departure from the standard Lucky Charms commercials, I was asked to come up with a color script using the story boards that the director made. Here are a few select panels from the color script. I've written a few words about it below, too:

I spent a good deal of time coming up wtih the palette and lighting in order to suggest a dark and mysterious forest, but not too scary. I thought that if I used a somewhat saturated purple in the shadows, the color would have the duel effect of being a shadow and suggesting magic. I also thought the forest would look as though it were a 'deep' woods that does not get a lot of bright sun if I used an emerald green local color on the grassy areas instead of the typical sap green. Also, it was tempting to make the very distant areas dark to suggest darkness, however, I decided dark tones in the distance would make the woods look more frightening, so I kept those areas light and desaturated.
All in all, I enjoyed working on this campaign. I ultimately ended up color scripting all of Calabash's General Mills commercials, which ended up being useful in many areas of the production process, from pencil test, to ad agency approvals to compositing and effects. The color scripting work I did for Calabash was always my favorite part of the job. I miss it!