Here is a small illustration I did for Calabash, again. I think I painted this in 2007, a rough year for me, to say the least. Thankfully, work was great that year. I was freelancing for Pogo, got to work on a Spiderwick video game, and painted a lot for Calabash Animation Trix and Lucky Charms commercials. I also painted many of the oil paintings on my website that year and sketched incessantly in my sketchbook. Maybe by keeping busy, i was trying to escape the encroaching dread of a midlife crisis, bad choices in my personal life and a divorce. Thank god for being an artist.

Anyway, Calabash asked me to take the sketch below and illustrate it, bringing it to a more detailed and clean rendering. Normally I do not like to take on freelance work that has been sketched out for me entirely, however in this illustration I felt there were challenges in the rendering that I wanted to take a crack at, such as stone countertops, a mirror and running tap water. Given that I only had a day to paint this, it was probably a good thing that the sketch was already worked out.