Submission to ICON6 Illustration Road Show

This is the piece I am submitting for the ICON6 Illustration Road Show slide show. I will also have a table and promotional materials at the show in Pasadena, CA, on July 15.

Daisy Girl was totally reworked from an old sketch and more fully realized. I had fun working on this. I should say, I had fun after I figured out a technique. For many years now, I have greatly admired the work of turn of the century illustrator Jessie Wilcox Smith and also Cicely Mary Barker. I have tried many times to mimick their techniques unsuccessfully. I finally came up with something (totally by accident!) that seems to come the closest to the aspects of their work I like the best: loose lines, some modeling in the shadows, some texture in the shadows.. imperfection yet still accurate drawing, some invention, imagination. I'm not saying this piece is all of *that*, but I do feel the spirit of the painting is in the ball park. Feels nice to research something for a long time and finally arrive in that ball park!