ICON6 promotional postcard design

I have to have something like a business card or postcard give away for the upcoming ICON6 illustration conference. So I made up these post card sized cards, which is really a preliminary cover for a self published book I am working on in between projects. I think I want to adjust the decorative flowers on the top and bottom, and hand draw a title, which tentatively is being called "Daisy".
If you are at the ICON6 show, please stop by and say hello!

UPDATE: not sure if I would exhibit at this show again. It was promised that over 6,000 art directors would be there, but from what I could tell less than 200 showed up! Some had said it was because the show was in Los Angeles. Most art directors for print illustration are based in New York. I had heard from exhibitors that in the past when the show is on the East Coast, more art directors attend. If you are planning to try this show out as an exhibitor, be aware that this was my experience. If the show is on the east coast, I might consider it again.